Motivation to Get Off My Butt and Build an Online Business

I go through phases in building the online business. It is not always easy to keep motivated and working hard on it. It seems so much easier to play a computer game or watch movies. I know that if I can stay disciplined enough to write two articles per day, within a year, I will have a substantial online business empire and will not need to work another job. Now, I just need to do it.

Last month was a decent month with Google AdSense. I earned more than fifty two dollars. Not too bad for only being at it a couple of months. The thing I like about Google AdSense is the fact that it creates a perpetual income. All you need to do is gain the search engine rankings and you have a constant revenue stream coming in. It is not exactly that easy, though; there are a lot of technical issues you need to comb through. With time and effort, the technical issues seem to sort themselves out.

I already have an online retail business that earns several thousand dollars per month, but the headache of buying merchandise, packing it up and shipping it out makes AdSense income much more appealing. That is why I have recently shifted my focus from a physical product to Google AdSense income.

The basic principle is pretty simple: Write one article per day for new content for one of my websites and one article per day to give away for free to receive backlinks. In no time at all, I will either have a few authority websites, or many small websites earning a small amount of AdSense income per day. When you add up all the small AdSense revenues, they total a substantial income.

If you would like more information on what I am doing to make money online, or would like to join me in a quest for an online business empire, take a look at the links in my signature and we can work together at it.